The development process of our realizations has as its goals the full attainment of the client’s requests and expectations. The request is evaluated in all its aspects, the production, the function, and economic, safety and ergonomic factors, involving all our technicians from each sector. After the analysis and the pin-pointing of the solutions, the clients’ technicians are also involved, so as to examine the most appropriate options. All the suggestions and the technical choices are thoroughly evaluated, and the realization of a path of technical specifications which it is necessary to stick to during the realization of the product under study is agreed. Moreover, a timetable of the jobs which have to be performed is established, starting from the designing phase up to the final one of realizing the product, keeping a close contact between all the concerned parties. Once the design is finished, a check is carried out by the clients’ technicians on the 3D drawing to verify the functionality of the project and to evaluate the technological choices made with a reassessment of the more important and complex points. A pre-testing phase, once the work is finished, takes place in front of the ALCOM technicians and the client, to verify the functionalities of all the technical specifications agreed on. The following final test is then performed in the starting phase of the production at the client’s site in the presence of our technicians until full productivity and the quality level agreed on are reached.