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ALCOM was founded in 1969 as a workshop of mechanical constructions, with the name of ALKE s.n.c. Later on the firm specialized in equipment construction and automation of production processes. In particular for the timber and automotive sector. In 1994 the firm changed structure and Alessio Lorenzini founded the individual firm with the name ALCOM of Lorenzini. It specializes in the designing and construction of equipment and automatic machinery for the manufacture of parts, on request of the clientele. Our production is aimed at the national market and also at the European and American ones.

The constant commitment to innovation and technical updating of the personnel allows us to maintain a profitable relationship with our client base and to guarantee a high standard of quality of our products. The guarantee and the direct assistance offered on our products are a reason of satisfaction and continuity in our relationships with our clients.

Know How

The experience and the constant technological evolution have allowed us to create an efficient and elastic structure, ready to respond quickly and competently to the increasingly complex requests of the market.
The punctuality of our deliveries and the containment of the costs, besides the constant standard of high quality of our products guarantees the success and the profitable collaboration with our clients both on the national and on the foreign market.

Our experience in designing and constructing developed over 50 years of uninterrupted activity allows us to have at our disposal a consolidated know-how in a broad range of sectors and construction types. In particular we have specialized in the design and the construction of:

Hot-blade welding machines for parts in plastic material in the automotive sector

Cutting, punching and drilling machines for various materials

Automatic and semi-automatic assembling machines

Testing and Control Equipments of finished products

Testing Equipments for tanks and containers in plastic or other material

Machines for manufacturing parts in glass

Machines for manufacturing parts in wood

Testing Machines for the functioning of valves, reducers and various components

Auxiliary tools for manual assembly operations on production lines

Parts or accessories for existing machines

Special machines of various types


ALCOM’s offices from 1970 to today

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Founded by Alessio Lorenzini

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